My first blog!

So this is my first ever blog post. Like ever, well, unless you count twitter as it is apparently micro blogging or whatever.

Firstly I want to welcome you to my new website. I hope you like it. Here you will find lots of cool stuff about my music including links for streaming, the ubiquitous about me page, videos and even a shop page to purchase my debut album, yes not everyone downloads, theres something nice about a physical album don't you think? If you disagree you haven't lived :D 

So what can I say. Its been a great year so far for my music. I released my debut album for download and streaming in February. A few weeks ago I had an acoustic launch for the CD as part of the Songbird Cafe. It was a great night and I was delighted to finally get performing these new songs live. This was a stripped back performance of the songs in a small and intimate venue. I really value these kinds of gigs. Still its good to get out of the comfort zone so I will be have at least one full band concert later in the year. This will be in October and I have the band booked ready to

I also want to perform more this year. The last few years have been quite recording and album preparation heavy. I have loved it but I want to get out there. Offcourse I will seek more opportunites to perform my own music, but as well I am going to make myself more available to sing at events and weddings. If this is something you may be interested in, then please visit my weddings and events page.        

I will continue to keep you all posted on developments. To all my family, friends and supporters, I say thank-you. Till next time :). Paul.